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The Polestar 4: A performance piece

 Published 5th February 2024
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Polestar has boldly stated they intend to increase their sales to just under 290,000 a year by the end of 2025, and one of the main contributors to this is the release of the Polestar 4 and the demand for Polestar lease deals. Where the Polestar 3 was introduced to compete in the high-end SUV market, the Polestar 4 was designed to be more affordable and therefore sell in greater volume.

For those of you who don’t know who Polestar is and where they came from, they are the product of the Polestar Performance AB racing team, being acquired by Swedish giants Volvo, with the goal of creating a standalone brand focussed solely on electric cars. Their first offering was the sporty Polestar 1 coupe in 2018, which was actually a plug-in hybrid and probably the reason it has since been discontinued, or it could have been the hefty £140,000 price tag. Since then, all Polestars have been fully electric. The company followed up with the Polestar 2, a compact executive car in 2020 and the Polestar 3, a mid-size luxury crossover SUV in 2023. With the Polestar 4 being released this year, the Polestar 5 intended for 2025 and the Polestar 6 for 2026, it is clear the brand wants to compete in all classes and offer a range that makes them one of the most popular cars on the road. 

all-new Polestar 4

Exterior features

The first thing you notice with a Polestar 4 is the Thor’s hammer headlamps, much like the Polestar 3 but with a gap breaking it up into two separate lights, making it almost look space age. At night, the Polestar bonnet logo has a lit edge making it stand out, but during the day it subtly blends into the paintwork. If you approached the Polestar 4 from the back, then your first thoughts will no doubt be, ‘Where is the rear window?’ Polestar have gotten rid of this staple of the automobile since its inception and replaced it with the modern answer to looking at things, digital cameras. The Polestar 4 boasts front cameras, reverse cameras, side cameras and blind spot cameras, meaning you get a 360-degree view of your surroundings.

Other nice touches to the exterior of the Polestar 4 are the flush door handles, the side accent making the car appear more streamlined and the automatic charging point cover that is smoother than a Sean Connery delivery seasoned with a Roger Moore raised eyebrow.

all-new Polestar 4 interior

Interior features

The atmosphere inside the Polestar 4 is brought to life by ambient lighting that compliments the two-tone décor perfectly. The upholstery, from the seats to the steering wheel, is all crafted from vegan, PVC-based leather alternatives, which align with Polestar’s ethos of sustainable production. The central console provides standard cup holders, a wireless phone charging pad, a command dial and additional storage below, including extra cup holders. A glass panoramic roof offers a feeling of space, whilst keeping the glare of the sun at arm’s length. The digital mirror connects to a rear camera, but for the traditionalists, it can also be used as a mirror. Modern concepts! 

Now, when it comes to tech, most people want to know all about the central infotainment screens and what is on offer. Well, the designers at Polestar don’t hold back with a huge 15.4” display powered by the latest Google-based interface, featuring Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play. You can use this touchscreen system to adjust your climate control and vent angles, your interior ambience, operate the sat nav and play your music through the Harmon Kardon speaker system. There is even a second small touchscreen control for rear passengers where they can adjust their ambient lighting, temperature and seat positions automatically. 

Polestar 4 performance and price

The Polestar 4 is powered by a 400kW, 536hp full-electric long-range dual motor that provides 506 lb-ft of torque. These impressive numbers allow the Polestar 4 to achieve 0-62mph in a mere 3.8 seconds and attain a top speed of 124mph. The WLTP range of the Polestar 4 is approximately 285 miles, however, driving at low speed in mild weather could increase this range closer to the 400-mile mark. Rapid charging from 10% - 80% takes about 30 minutes and provides roughly 195 miles of range. 

Buying a brand-new Polestar 4 is going to set you back an initial £60,000 for the base trim model and cost an average of 9p per mile. The average mileage per person in the UK is 7500 miles so this gives you an annual fuel cost of approximately £675. 

Save money with a Polestar lease

When it comes to new EVs, and the wide range of brands and models entering the market, many shrewd consumers are choosing to lease a vehicle instead of buying it outright. This provides an opportunity to try it out and ensure it is the EV car for them. At Gateway2Lease, our expert team are always on hand and eager to chat about brand-new models like the Polestar 4 and offer some of the best terms on a Polestar lease in the UK.

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