The Renault 5 EV: Your Familiar French Friend Just Got Fancy!

 Published 29th February 2024
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The Renault 5 EV: Your Familiar French Friend Just Got Fancy!

Vive la révolution, cry the people as the drive to a better future silently roars by. Finally, it has happened, one of your best loved four-wheeled friends has got the electric vehicle treatment and is back with a vengeance. Still looking as full of character as it ever did, the Renault 5 Electric is sure to become a common site on roads across the globe.

The original Renault 5, with its plucky demeanour and puppy dog eyes headlights, has been a popular little runner since its launch in 1972 with over 5.5 million units sold, so it may be a shrewd bet that the new, eco-friendly version of your trusty sidekick might beat that record, given the same time period of 52 years. Then again, who knows what might happen in the next 50+ years, perhaps we will all be cruising in the Renault 5 Electric Space Craft.

The Renault 5 Electric will compete with the Fiat E500 and MINI Electric in the compact car class, and at Gateway2lease, we can supply both of these models and the Renault 5 Electric once it is available in late 2024/early 2025. Explore our current top deals and find the perfect car for you.

Ooh La La, Belle Performance

The Renault 5 will be the first EV based on the AmpR small platform (previously known as CMF-BEV), which is a bespoke EV architecture designed specifically for compact cars. Something you will find on many other brands’ models soon. The Renault 5 Electric will come with a 52kWh battery, providing a single charge range of approximately 250 miles for the higher trim and a 40kWh, with a range of 186 miles as standard. Both are pretty impressive for such a small car.

The Renault 5 can achieve 0-62mph in under eight seconds, thanks to its 225Nm and 245Nm of torque, and can achieve a top speed of 93mph.

However, the Renault 5 has another trick up its wheel arch, it can power your home. Well, to an extent. It will be the first Renault to feature vehicle-to-grid (V2G) compatibility, meaning it will feed spare electricity back into your home when tariffs are higher. KITT never did that!

Internal Va Va Voom

There are two 10” openR instrument panels providing electric travel and real time navigation with Google Maps, voice control and over 50 connected apps, including music, podcasts, entertainment, news and more. Reno is your new best friend. Who is Reno? Well, Reno is Renault’s virtual avatar who is onboard with you to make life that little bit easier. Reno will help with everything from understanding all the features of the car, assisting with your daily driving to answering any questions you may have. Just say “Hey Reno”.

“Hey Reno, where is the nearest boulangerie?”

You will be eating warm croissants and crusty baguettes in no time. Reno will also vacuum up any crumbs. (Disclaimer – Reno cannot vacuum up crumbs.)

However, this superb virtual co-pilot can programme the charging, preheat the cabin, activate the air purifier, suggest present situation driving actions or tell you a joke when stuck in a traffic jam.

The upholstery is available in a range of colours and has a distinct look of the racing seat, and 3D printed accessories allow a range of customisations to give it a more personal touch. Including storage compartments, central organisers and e-pop shifters - a feature you never knew you couldn’t live without. It also comes with a superb app to manage a variety of car features from your phone and, if you believe what the internet tells you, a faux straw baguette holder… we’re not sure we believe that one.

Why Can’t I Have It Now?

We know, we understand, we feel your pain. All those childhood memories of a jaunt across the channel on a Sealink or P&O ferry, to cruise down the regions, collecting fine and cost-effective wines and cheese that gave your little Renault 5 friend a certain unique aroma. Well, those memories can be your next adventure in 2025. The Renault 5 Electric is planned for release in the UK early in the year making it available for spring vineyard tours through France.

The price is expected to be very reasonable for what you get, but who can put a price on friendship? Why not chat chat with one of our friendly team at Gateway2lease about getting your hands on a Renault 5 Electric, or tell us about your nostalgic moments in the fun French four-wheeled friend.

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