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Top 10 Electric Supercars + Top Trumps

 Published 19th April 2024
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Electric supercars are jaw dropping beauties of the automotive world, blending exhilarating performance with cutting-edge technology, and though it is still relatively rare to see them on the streets, possibly down to the price or perhaps since they grab so much attention distracted people crash their Rover 200, this article is going to highlight some of the best around, and ultimately, award position by speed.

We have also included a nice range of stats so you can play Electric Supercars Top Trumps with the best stats highlighted in green.

Top EV Supercars - Dendrobium D1

10. Dendrobium D1

When someone asks you to look at that Dendrobium D1, they are not asking you to admire their garden, they are drawing your attention to the stunning British-designed and produced electric supercar, which is so fast, by the time you turn your head to check it out, it will be long gone. However, that will remain to be seen as the Dendrobium D1 has not been released yet, neither have some of the finer details like battery and range, and no date has been declared. Still, with a team including ex-Lamborghini, Ferrari and Pagani employees, the expertise and experience are there to get this over the line. Check out the pictures online and add it to your Christmas list.


Top Speed: 200mph Max Output: 1,800HP Max Torque: 1,475lb-ft
0-60mph: 2.7s MSRP: £1.1m Range: N/A

Top EV Supercars - Tesla Model S Plaid

9. Tesla Model S Plaid

When it comes to looks, there is something much more commonplace and simpler about the Tesla Model S Plaid, which is quite possibly reflected in its more economical asking price. At first glance it looks like many coupés on the road, reminding us of the Hyundai Coupé of the early noughties, but under the bonnet is where this road runner gets its supercar status. Its speed and acceleration are incredibly impressive, but the important one for the daily driver (who happens to have an electric supercar as their runaround) is the range. Nearly 400 miles from one charge. Very handy.


Top Speed: 200mph Max Output: 1,020HP Max Torque: 1,050lb-ft
0-60mph: 1.9s  MSRP: £68.07k  Range: 396 mi

Top EV Supercars - Maserati GranTurismo Folgore

8. Maserati GranTurismo Folgore

The name Maserati is usually prefixed with the exclamation ‘Oh, my’, which is possibly why they don’t need to style their cars to crave attention, and the GranTurismo Folgore is no exception. Possibly named after a famous video game franchise, the sleek electric supercar roadster would fit in perfectly with the game cars, though leave them for dust. With the stats the GranTurismo Folgore is working with, it would be a shame to see it on British roads, tethered by pesky speed limits, as you hear the pleas in its rumble… let me go, let me go, let me go!


Top Speed: 202mph Max Output: 750HP Max Torque: 995lb-ft
0-60mph: 2.7s MSRP: £158.14k Range: 278mi

Top EV Supercars - Lucid Air Sapphire

7. Lucid Air Sapphire

Lucid called the Air Sapphire the ‘pinnacle of electric performance’, which is a little ironic since it has come seventh in our top ten list. Still, it has made our list which is more than can be said for the Rover 200, and with good reason. The front of the Lucid boasts lights that can only be described as the grin of a predator who knows their victim can’t escape, like a great white shark or a smiling crocodile, and this electric supercar has the speed and range to succeed. The poor gazelle or wildebeest can discover the Lucid’s power as it shadows above them, saying ‘told you so’ before it is lights out!


Top Speed: 205mph Max Output: 1200HP Max Torque: 1430 lb-ft
0-60mph: 1.89s MSRP: £196.89k Range: 427mi

Top EV Supercars - Pininfarina Battista

6. Pininfarina Battista

Back to more supercar style than sleek roadster, the Pininfarina Battista has a spoiler you could surf to the moon on. However, there are only 150 planned to be made and most of the people who could afford to spend nearly £2 million on a car probably have seats on a Richard Branson shuttle if they want a trip into orbit. Named after Battista Farina, who dreamt of launching a car of his own, but was prevented by his unwavering loyalty and commitment to Ferrari, the Battista recently claimed the title of the fastest accelerating production vehicle after completing a quarter of a mile at Indore’s Natrax facility in India in an incredible 8.55 seconds. That is equivalent to a mile every 34 seconds. This means, should they build a road to the Sea of Tranquillity, the Pininfarina Battista could get you there in about 1600 hours, give or take a few stops for refuelling.


Top Speed: 217mph Max Output: 1900HP Max Torque: 1696 lb-ft
0-60mph: 1.79s MSRP: £1.78m Range: 300mi

Top EV Supercars - Lotus Evija

5. Lotus Evija

The cars on this list just keep getting faster. Soon they will be so fast, we won’t be able to write about them before another comes along to take its place. But, whilst we do, let's talk about Norfolk’s finest, no, not Delia, the Lotus Evija. When the Lotus Evija hears the regional cry of ‘Where are you? let’s be ‘avin you’, you will see it tremble as it chomps at the bit, as the Evija, according to Lotus, has been tethered to a mere 218mph. What this means is that if you can get your hands on one of the 130 exclusive models produced and have the track to test it on, you could discover how fast this electric supercar can really go, and then let the world know. The fanfare you would receive as the car loving world chanted your name and hoisted upon metaphorical and virtual shoulders as they knew you were the chosen one. (Disclaimer: If it is super-fast and you take off, we never suggested any of this to you).


Top Speed: 218mph Max Output: 1971HP Max Torque: 1254lb-ft
0-60mph: 2.9s MSRP: £1.82m Range: 250mi

Top EV Supercars - Deus Vayanne

4. Deus Vayanne

Austria is known for many things, Sigmund Freud, the Viennese Whirl and many more but we have a sneaking suspicion that the Deus Vayanne may be named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I mean, it is the last four letters of his middle name. Many people like to give their cars a name, like Thrust, Grease Lightning or Rocket – though I think Dr Freud may have something to say about all that! Either way, the Deus Vayanne deserves any name it chooses as it is one of a small handful of supercars that can hit the 250mph speed range. Though it may appear at first to look similar to many sporty roadsters, check out its derrière and you will think a Marvel superhero somewhere is missing a mask.


Top Speed: 250mph  Max Output: 2243HP  Max Torque: 1475lb-ft
0-60mph: 1.9s MSRP: £1.58m Range: 310mi

Top EV Supercars - Tesla Roadster

3. Tesla Roadster

Time to get serious as we enter the top three and find ourselves face to face with a familiar brand. Mr Tesla, we meet again. But hold on, what is this, those stats can’t be real, surely? Well, there is some debate online about the insane 7400lb-ft of torque that dwarves every other car on here, and any road anywhere, but the other incredible stats are pretty much agreed upon. So, this means, you can purchase a road car that can achieve over 250mph and complete over 600 miles per single charge, YES, 600 miles! for less than a two-bed semi in Oldham! If we had a two-bed semi in Oldham, we may even consider trading it in, living in our electric supercar and using the change to buy some Tesla merch to wear.


Top Speed: 252mph  Max Output: 2243HP   Max Torque: 7400lb-ft 
0-60mph: 1.9s MSRP: £158.14k  Range: 620mi 

Top EV Supercars - Aspark Owl

2. Aspark Owl

When you think of magnificent birds of prey, with speed, agility and guile, the head-turning barn owl doesn’t spring to mind, but it is quite aptly named as the moment you see this incredibly sexy, yes, I said sexy, electric supercar, your head will be spinning! The stats are quite incredible too and you can discover them with a good game of Top Trumps where the Aspark Owl is the top answer for 0-60mph, which is not surprising as the aerodynamics and design of this car were simply made to the brief… I WANT TO GO FAST! Words can not do this car justice and pictures are the order of the day. One thing I would query is, doesn’t it look a little like the back end has crashed into a large bonnet that was lying around?


Top Speed: 256.6mph Max Output: 1980HP Max Torque: 1416lb-ft
 0-60mph: 1.72s  MSRP: £3.16m Range: 248.5mi

Top EV Supercars - Rimac Nevera

1. Rimac Nevera

Number One. The Top Dog. The Head Honcho. Did you know that Nevera is Spanish for supersonic? Actually, that’s not true, according to a well-known online translator, it means fridge and that works perfectly for the Rimac Nevera as there is nothing cooler than a fridge and nothing cooler than coming first on our list. When the Nevera was being designed, the powers that be called out for something that stood out in the looks department, but the team of designers and engineers took this to mean ‘stand out’ in performance. As luck would have it, the Rimac Nevera does both. With headlights that slide around the car and another spoiler you could hang glide with, the Nevera will grab attention wherever it goes and so it should as it takes imagination, innovation and talent to grab the world by the proverbial and create silent awe.


 Top Speed: 258mph  Max Output: 1914HP Max Torque: 1741lb-ft
0-60mph: 1.74s MSRP: £1.66m Range: 304mi

We all love electric supercars

What more can we say about electric supercars except at Gateway2lease we appreciate the design, styling, innovation and determination to continue excelling, moving progress forward, and like many, also only dream of owning such a work of automotive art. However, we are the perfect people to help you get the most out of your money when it comes to your next car, so let’s chat about our flexible terms, superb deals, and top of the range cars, or simply play a game of Electric Supercars Top Trumps.

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