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Top your electric car at the supermarket with Tesco

 Published 7th July 2020
Electric Vehicles 

If you are thinking about switching to an electric car but are concerned about the number of charging points available, then why not pop down to your local supermarket and top up while you get your groceries?

There are more and more available. For instance, supermarket Tesco announced that it has now installed electric car chargers at 200 of its stores. And they are all free to use!

It's part of a joint effort between car maker Volkswagen, Tesco and electric charger installer Pod Point to provide the largest free retail charging network for electric vehicle (EV) owners across the UK using renewable energy.

The latest supermarket to get the charging facilities was the Tesco superstore in Chester.

Sarah Cox, head of marketing for Volkswagen UK, told Gateway2Lease: “It's fantastic that we've reached another milestone in our partnership with Tesco and Pod Point. There are now 200 stores with chargers that drivers of any electric vehicle can use for free.”

According to Volkswagen, enough renewable energy has been given away to power the homes in a city the size of Chester for a whole day. In fact, over the past 18 months, these charging points across the UK have been used 150,000 times by EV owners of all brands – providing their batteries with a combined 669 megawatts of power. Which is enough to power 1.3 million homes for one hour, or 55,750 homes for 24 hours.

The rollout is rapidly expanding the UK public charging network and is tackling a number of locations with limited charging facilities (fewer than 10 chargers per 100,000) such as in Barnsley, Wirral and Wellingborough as well as previous ‘notspots' – areas without a single public place to charge – such as Barrow-in-Furness, which now has two public charging points located at the town's Tesco Extra store.

“As the partnership continues,” added Sarah, “and more stores roll out new chargers, we are really proud to be breaking down barriers to EV ownership and demonstrating to people that living with an EV is easy.”

We agree.

The more people that can move to electric cars the better. Why not have a look at what you can afford with our electric car leasing deals ?

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