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Toyota tops the tables for automotive customer satisfaction

 Published 9th September 2020
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Hands up - who drives a Toyota and doesn't feel more than satisfied with the customer care you've received? No, we thought not. Can't see a hand raised anywhere.

And the reason your hands are stuffed in your trousers or clasped in your lap is for a very good reason - because Toyota does seem to do customer satisfaction rather well. In fact, Toyota does it rather better than any other car maker.

We've seen the proof, too. It comes from the Institute of Customer Service in its latest UK Customer Service Satisfaction Index for July. And sees Toyota not only top car maker but also taking a top-20 spot among all the British businesses represented in the independent benchmark survey, having climbed up 20 places to 19th spot.

The index measures customer satisfaction in five sections, which Toyota top-scored in four of them:

  • Experience (including range and quality of products and services, communications, clarity, staff helpfulness and competence);
  • Customer Ethos (how a business cares for its customers, keeps its promises and designs its experiences around the customer);
  • Emotional Connection (customers trust the business and feel reassured); and
  • Ethics (business reputation, openness and transparency and good business practice for employees and society).

Which is an amazing achievement - so congrats to Toyota all round for a terrific achievement.

Gateway2Lease managed to catch up with Robin Giles, who is customer services director at Toyota. He told us:

"Achieving complete customer satisfaction is central to what we do as a business, but it isn't a fixed target. Instead, we have to constantly improve and adapt the way we work to make sure we keep perfectly aligned with customer preferences and expectations."

If you want a dose of complete customer satisfaction, then we suggest you head to our Toyota leasing page and we'll help you towards a completely satisfying leasing experience!

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