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Toyota extends LCV range with new Land Cruiser Utility Commercial

 Published 5th July 2018
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If you want a go-anywhere commercial vehicle your options have just got a bit more interesting following the introduction of the new Toyota Land Cruiser Utility Commercial.

You shouldn't need us to tell you that the Toyota Land Cruiser is virtually unstoppable when it comes to coping with rough terrain. You also shouldn't need us to tell you that Toyota has a habit of building vehicles that seem to keep on going for ever.

The new Utility version of the Land Cruiser does all of that in a handy commercial form. Essentially this is a regular Land Cruiser without the rear seats and windows. A cross between an SUV and a pickup truck, the idea being to offer the best of both worlds. We'll be amazed if it doesn't turn out to be very good indeed.

The Land Cruiser's 2.8-litre D-4D turbodiesel engine develops 175bhp, and paired with a six-speed manual transmission, produces 420Nm in the SWB model and 450Nm in the LWB. Not that such things are important in a commercial vehicle but it will also accelerate to 60mph in around 12 seconds, and hit a 108mph top speed. Official combined cycle fuel consumption is around 38mpg with 194g/km CO2 emissions.

Toyota Land Crusier Utility Commercial

You also get the same all-wheel drive capability as the regular Land Cruiser. The same option of either short or long wheelbase, and even the same body styling as the recently launched 2018 Land Cruiser. You even get the same standard features such as air conditioning, cruise control, CD player, Bluetooth connectivity, and automatic lights.

By removing the rear seats and fitting an edge-to-edge floor tray, and installing a new metal bulkhead between front and rear, Toyota has created an impressive load area. In the SWB version you get 1,574 litres or 593kg. The LWB versions offer 2,216 litres or 756kg. Both models can also tow braked trailers up to 3,000kg.

Replacing the rear windows with body coloured panels also means there's plenty of room for your business name to be adorned all over the side of your Land Cruiser.

There are also plans to introduce a 340bhp V6 petrol and a V8 turbodiesel at later dates, as well as the possibility of a 360bhp plug-in hybrid option being added to the list. Regardless of your preferred option there will be plenty of power available to handle most driving conditions, either on or off the beaten track.

Toyota Land Crusier Utility Commercial interior

The Land Cruiser Utility Commercial went on sale back in April, with commercial vehicle on-the-road prices of £27,546 for the SWB model and £28,509 for the LWB. Deliveries to customers will commence this month so if you are looking to lease a new commercial vehicle in the next few months your timing couldn't have been better.

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