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Toyota maxes out Proace with standard smart cargo

 Published 24th August 2020
New Launches 

Toyota's smart looking Proace panel van has now got extra smart.

And that's because all 2021 Model Year vans feature as standard the load space-maximising Smart Cargo system.

The ingenious system has a load-through opening in the front bulkhead and a mechanism to lift the front passenger seat out of the way. What this means in practice is that you can usefully extend the maximum load length of the Proace by 1,162mm - from 2.5m to 3.7m - and increase the van's overall load volume by half a cubic metre to 5.1cu m.

Which is quite a benefit. It means that 3m long lengths of timber or piping can easily be accommodated in the van when required.

Toyota Proace Van standard smart cargo

That's not the only benefit of the standard Smart Cargo system. There's also a storage compartment beneath the central passenger seat and an adjustable desk/worktop function built into the central seatback, complete with a swivelling shelf with a high-grip tray to securely hold items such as laptops and documents. So you can work, respond to quotations and so on while you're out on the road doing your job.

The goodies don't stop there: air conditioning and an alarm are now also standard on all Proace panel vans.

The 1.5-litre diesel one tonne panel van is available in standard as well as Medium length (4,959mm long, 5.8cu m of load space), and Long, which keeps the Medium 3,275mm wheelbase but gains extra overall length to 5,309mm. As a result, it has a 6.1cu m load volume.

Payloads are up to one tonne for versions powered by the 1.5-litre diesel engines (101 and 118bhp), and up to 1.4 tonnes for those using the 2.0-litre power units (121 and 174bhp).

If you want to change to the 2021 Toyota Proace Van talk to us on 01299 407 360, or view our range Proace models available to lease here .

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