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New Vehicle Warranties Explained

 Published 7th March 2019
General Guides 

It's good to know what's covered in a manufacturer's warranty when leasing a new vehicle. Here's an outline guide to what's typically covered. But always check the detail in line with the specific manufacturer and the car, van or pick up that you're choosing.

Manufacturer's warranty – What's covered

Typically the warranty should cover the engine, fuel and ignition systems, cooling systems, electrics, gearbox, clutch transmissions, steering and suspension.

Manufacturer's warranty – What's not covered?

Normal wear and tear of non-durable parts including brakes, tyres and exhausts are not covered. Whether you have a car, van or pick up, improper use as deemed by the repair garage is also not covered.

Length of warranty

The norm is a three-year warranty. But many manufacturers extend to 5 years and/or are mileage based. Kia offers a 7-year or 100,000-mile warranty. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so don't assume – check the details.

Claim limits

Typically, there are no claim limits on the amount of claims that you make or the amount of the claim.

Reliability is critical to your day to day life and the running of your business if you have one. Your warranty will give you peace of mind in the event of a functional failure or issue with your car, van or pick up. Gateway2Lease are happy to answer any queries you have with manufacturer's warranties.

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