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VW ID.Buzz is coming…and the sooner the better

 Published 22nd February 2022
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We're not sure about the 21st century. The VW ID.Buzz looks more like it's been transported back in time from the 25th century.

This new van brings one of VW's most iconic vehicles straight into the electric generation. Although, to be absolutely clear, this is still a concept vehicle, but one that probably isn't too far away from the market.

Based on the modular electric drive (MEB) platform responsible for cars such as the ID.3 hatchback, it provides comfort and lots of space for long journeys. It can be configured with different battery options to suit different purposes and budgets. The ID.Buzz is perfectly suited to use as a van or as a family car.

What ID. Buzz do you want?

As a family car the interior design concept includes an extra roomy luggage compartment, and flexible seating allows you to easily create even more space in a few simple steps. A vehicle, a mobile living space, or a creative hub - it can be almost anything you want it to be. The innovative interior design and lack of a catalytic converter and fuel tank, opens up new space for you and your family.

Configure it as a van and the ID.Buzz Cargo offers a payload of 800kg, a tight turning circle for easy manoeuvrability, and the 48-kWh battery can be charged to 80% capacity in 15 minutes using a 150 kW DC fast charging system. Production versions are expected to also offer wireless induction charging and a solar module on the roof that can generate enough energy on its own to extend range by almost 10 miles.

The Volkswagen ID.Buzz should also feature some dazzling new tech when it goes into production too.

At the front it features intelligent LED ‘eyes' that can communicate with drivers and pedestrians. For instance, if you're about to turn a corner, the headlights will point in the direction you're heading. If the ID.Buzz notices any pedestrians or cyclists on the edge of the road, it can even look towards them and use subtle light signals to let them know you're there. It's entirely possible that it may even wink at people if it's in a particularly good mood.

Both the van and MPV concept versions feature augmented reality head up display. This projects navigation directions straight onto the road in front of you, as well as projecting the instrument panel in 3D over the road ahead, positioning key information right in your line of sight. The cockpit itself does away with complex buttons and knobs, controlling all of the functions via the intuitive touchpad on the steering wheel. A simple tap on the wheel, and you're ready for your next adventure. Rear-view mirrors are also a thing of the past, replaced by cameras and screens, with other features such as infotainment and climate control operated through a portable, integrated tablet.

The ID.Buzz Cargo also features a few handy ideas of its own. It can automatically recognise authorised individuals who have the digital key on their smartphone, so if you have a fleet of vans you no longer have to worry about who has the keys to which one. Once inside, the cabin features a familiar driver's seat and a double bench-seat configuration, but that is where the similarity ends. The middle seat folds down to reveal a workplace with an integrated laptop and the driver's seat rotates to allow the driver to work. At some point in the future, once the self-driving car technology is properly established, you could even let the ID Pilot deal with the driving and give you the ability to work on the move.

All it needs now is for Volkswagen to bring into production what might possibly be the coolest vehicle you'll see for a long time.

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