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Volkswagen ID.4 hints at VW future

 Published 13th April 2021
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If you're going to lease an electric vehicle it makes sense to get one designed to be an EV rather than an existing model that's been tweaked to fit the battery. Likewise, if you're going to go for the EV it makes sense to go for one that ticks as many boxes as possible because that's just how life works. In other words, you need to be looking at the new Volkswagen ID.4.

There are good reasons why crossover SUVs are such popular choices - 6 of the top 10 cars sold in the UK in February were crossovers. Roomy, practical, well equipped, and capable of delivering kids to school with the minimum of fuss, but still looking a little bit cool and trendy despite the onset of middle age behind the wheel. What you get in the ID.4 is a purpose-built EV that's around the same size as the popular Tiguan SUV yet offers more interior space, all whilst sitting on the same platform as the ID.3 hatchback.

ID. Family Product Manager at Volkswagen UK, Joe Laurence, said: “With the popularity of SUVs as high as ever, we are proud to be introducing our first all-electric contender in the form of the ID.4. Its external dimensions are similar to the Tiguan, but thanks to the MEB platform and the packaging benefits of an electric drivetrain it boasts even more interior space along with that all-important lofty driving position.”

Volkswagen ID.4 rear view

If you want an example of how much VW expects from this car just bear in mind it will be produced in two German factories, two Chinese factories, and one American factory. That doesn't mean the parts are made in different factories and shipped around to build the car either. That's five entire production facilities producing millions of these things every year. As far as VW is concerned, the future is very much electric.

So, what do you get if you decide to lease yourself a VW ID.4?

Apart from a spacious and comfortable car, the ID.4 has an impressive range of 310 miles from its 77kWh battery. It also benefits from rapid charging compatibility of up to 125 kW, with the ability to add up to 199 miles of range in just 30 minutes.

That battery pack combined with the 204bhp electric motor sends the rear-wheel drive ID.4 to 60mph in just over 8 seconds. The ID.4 is also VW's first electric vehicle that can be fitted with an optional tow bar, suitable for trailers weighing up to 1,000kg, so it's significantly more practical than some other EVs.

Volkswagen ID.4 interior view

The new ID.4 model offers plenty of kit, and as is the way of electric vehicles it's all controlled via the touchscreen. There are LED headlights and taillights, tinted rear windows, and a reversing camera. A 30-colour ambient lighting, infotainment display with Discover Pro navigation system and a dynamic LED band the width of the windscreen, which changes its pattern and colour to supplement and support navigation signals, charging status, driver assist technologies or the natural voice control. The ID.4 also offers a range of safety features including Adaptive Cruise Control, Front Assist, and Lane Assist, with parking sensors front and rear.

When the ID.3. was released it was hyped as a reinvention of the Golf. That was always pushing it a little bit because it lacks the feel and history of the Golf so it doesn't quite satisfy the driver like a hatchback should. With the ID.4 Volkswagen is up against the sort of car that people choose for practicality over the driving experience.

The ID.4 has a roomy cabin, loads of clever storage spaces, good electric range, and a smooth, silent driving experience that requires very little effort. On top of that it's a VW so you know exactly how well it's engineered. In that context you can see why VW expects to make so many.

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