Brand new VW Taigo is coming soon

 Published 26th August 2021
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You're young, you're on trend, and you want to lease a new car. The obvious choice is a crossover SUV of some kind. But because you're young and trendy, you also want something a bit more stylish that looks good parked outside the gym. You probably don't know it yet, but you really want the brand-new VW Taigo.

The Taigo, that's right.

This is a new body shape from the Volkswagen brand, so you'll be way ahead of the curve if you get in first.

This is Volkswagen's first attempt at an SUV coupé for the European market. The front-wheel drive Taigo features a trendy crossover body style, raised seating positions, brilliant connectivity, and great suitability for everyday use. The rear of the five-seater car also slopes backwards in the style of a coupé so you can make the most of all the practicality and still look sleek and sporty.

The new Taigo is the third model built on VW's MQB chassis platform after the Polo hatchback and T-Cross SUV. The MQB platform features the latest-generation assistance systems, optimum comfort, and a high level of safety.

With a crossover body style and coupé silhouette the new Taigo is perfectly equipped for winning over a new generation of Volkswagen drivers.

The new VW Taigo focuses on design and technology. Aside from the aggressive front end and swooping roofline, depending on the options selected, the Taigo also comes with the new IQ.LIGHT matrix headlights and an illuminated radiator grill crossbar. With full LED headlights, an all-digital cockpit, and the latest generation of infotainment systems as standard, this new SUV coupé boasts incredibly high technology standards for its class.

VW has been equally busy on the inside too.

VW Taigo

The Taigo comes with an elaborately designed multifunctional steering wheel and modern control elements as standard. The infotainment systems are based on the third generation of MIB3, including an online control unit (eSIM) and “App Connect Wireless” feature. Other options such as access to streaming services, natural voice control and cloud-based personalisation using “ Volkswagen ID ” are also available depending on the configuration.

And when it comes to driver assistance for more comfort and safety, the new SUV coupé is very similar to other Volkswagen models from much higher up the model range.

Every Taigo comes with assistance systems such as the surroundings monitoring system “Front Assist”, including city emergency brake function, and the lane departure warning system “Lane Assist” as standard. “IQ.DRIVE Travel Assist” is also available as an optional extra, enabling semi-automated driving where it's allowed.

It's hard to think of anything else you could possibly need from your lease car. SUV practicality, coupe looks, trendy brand, loads of equipment. About the only thing we can't say for certain right now is what VW has squeezed under the bonnet and how much they are going to charge for it.

The Volkswagen Taigo won't officially be launched until the end of this year so we're a few months away from the full details. Expect petrol and diesel options, and no doubt some kind of electrically powered version will follow at some point too. You can also expect a price tag that reflects the quality of the VW badge but still lets you feel a little smug when you show off your new lease car.

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