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Volvo aims to wash your cares away

 Published 25th February 2020
Driver Guides 

Let's not beat around the bush. Volvo has just introduced a brilliant service for the terminally busy, or terminally lazy depending on how you look at it.

Given the Swedish carmaker largely aims for the higher end of the market nowadays it's more likely that most takers will be those who genuinely don't have time to deal with the more mundane tasks of daily life.

Although if you are just a bit lazy then maybe you should consider a Volvo too.

You're probably wondering what on earth we're talking about so let us enlighten you.

Volvo is the very first car company in Europe to offer its customers an easy route to a cleaner car. It always feels nicer to be driving a clean car but when time is such a valuable commodity it's often easier to leave the bucket and sponge for another day, or delay the trip to the car wash. In a European first, Volvo has come up with a new mobile car wash and valeting service that takes all the stress out of car-cleaning chores and is accessed via a designated app.

Imaginatively titled Volvo Car Mobile Wash, the new service pairs Volvo UK with GoWashMyCar, the UK's largest car wash specialists, and is designed for complete convenience and a premium-quality finish. As well as a valeting service the package also includes a free car health check, covering tyre pressures and tread depth, screenwash top-up, coolant level check and visual report of the bodywork, giving you peace of mind that your car is in tip-top condition as well as being sparkly clean.

Users of the app can choose where and when their car wash takes place to suit their schedule, and they don't even have to be present while the job is being done. Using the Volvo On Call system, they can unlock their car remotely when the mobile valeter has arrived, and then lock it again when they have completed the work. The simple booking process involves choosing the location, fixing the date and time slot via the app calendar, deciding which level of wash is required and any additional services – for example, a body wax or eco-friendly water-minimising clean – and then you hit confirm and sit back while someone else turns up to clean your car. Prices start at £22 for a simple exterior wash and the most popular option is expected to be a mini-valet priced from £39.

There is an initial downside before you all get too excited though.

The new service will only be available to drivers leasing a Volvo with access to the On Call facility, and if you happen to be outside of the M25 you'll have to keep doing the job yourself for a while.

To be fair to Volvo if you are going to introduce a new service it's probably simpler to limit it in some way while it's being rolled out. If you don't spend all your time in the London area you will have to exercise a little patience. Volvo is planning to extend the service at a later date, you'll just have to keep your fingers crossed your car doesn't get too dirty between now and then.

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