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Waze and Renault head in the right direction

 Published 16th January 2023
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When it comes to finding your way from A to B, the current best choice is Waze. If you're not already using it, it's a navigation app that works in much the same way as Google Maps but with a whole different level of real-time accuracy. And Waze is now available for the first time as a wholly integrated app in your car's infotainment system – as long as your car is a Renault.

The difference with Waze is in the way users can directly update traffic conditions in real-time. Interacting with the app as you drive along means every time somebody encounters a traffic jam, unplanned roadworks, or any other kind of delay it can take that information and automatically re-route every user in the area to avoid the jams. Considering there are literally millions of Waze users every day it means journey details are constantly updated. The end result? Fewer delays and less stress on your daily journeys.

Renault has now become the first car brand to offer the Waze application directly integrated into the vehicle's multimedia system.

With this new experience, Renault drivers will have all Waze real-time routing, navigation, and alerts, plus settings, preferences and saved places, built into their car display. You'll be able to access all Waze functions directly on the infotainment screen without the need to connect a smartphone. The integration of Waze into the multimedia system means access to real-time traffic information, favourite routes and saved destinations on the eye-level screen, no need to worry about your smartphone or USB cable. Other vehicle features and music will also remain accessible, even if Waze is activated.

As more drivers engage with in-car platforms, Waze continues to meet drivers' needs, wherever they go. The new dedicated Waze app for cars brings the best of Waze real-time navigation, routing and alerts featured right in the car's display. When you drive, you can experience safer and more convenient journeys while eliminating the hassle of using a smartphone.

The integration is currently available to drivers of the new Renault Austral Hybrid and Renault Megane E-Tech electric vehicles.

“Renault is the first car brand to offer Waze directly on the vehicle's multimedia screen, without activating the smartphone. We are convinced that the large number of Waze users will appreciate this new feature when they drive the Austral or the Mégane E-Tech electric. This is clearly in line with our strategy to offer our customers an intuitive, immersive and connected driving experience." Jérôme SEROR, Director of Digital Customer Experience, Renault

To access the app, you can easily download Waze directly from Google Play in your Renault vehicle or from the My Renault mobile app. You can create a new or use an existing Waze account for navigation.

And if you haven't already, you'll also need to lease yourself one of the brand-new Renaults mentioned above.

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