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An easy way to ensure a hassle-free car lease

 Published 26th March 2020
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Leasing a car is one of the best ways to take the hassle out of motoring. It doesn't matter whether it is a business or personal lease, the whole process of choosing a car, the simple monthly payments, and the fact that your new car turns up at your door without you having to go out and haggle with a dealer just makes life easier.

Unfortunately there is one hassle that leasing can't eliminate - and that's maintenance.

Although when we say leasing can't eliminate the hassle that's not strictly true.

It doesn't matter where you source your car, sooner or later it's going to need a service, or maybe something will break and it will need a repair.

It's one of life's inevitabilities that your car is going to spend time in a garage for one reason or another and there's nothing you can do about it. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do about that bit either.

While we can't provide a car that will never need a service or a new set of tyres we can provide a way to make the process simpler. We can also provide a way for you to avoid any of those frighteningly large garage bills that can appear unexpectedly and at the worst possible time, usually around Christmas or the day before you're due to go on holiday and desperately need the car.

A maintenance agreement should be something every lease customer considers, not least because the funder of the lease agreement wants to make sure you can maintain the car while it's contracted to you.

So you can look after the maintenance yourself; or take an affordable maintenance plan that takes the hassle, and the surprise bills, out of the equation.

Depending on your mileage, you will need at least one service during the lease period and you'll need to change the tyres, too (they usually last somewhere between 15,000-20,000 miles depending on driving style). If your lease is over three years you'll also need to factor in an MoT.

Maintenance cover takes away the risk of paying for expensive and unplanned maintenance costs and offers peace of mind for a fixed monthly fee. All the maintenance packages provided by our partners offer routine services, replacement tyres and other repair costs. In simple terms it makes your motoring hassle free.

What's typically included within a fully maintained contract?

  • All manufacturer scheduled servicing in addition to any routine and unexpected maintenance issues.
  • Mechanical and electrical repairs and replacements, including associated parts and labour due to fair wear and tear.
  • Bulbs, batteries, exhausts, cam belts, wiper blades, alternators and starter motors.
  • MOT tests if required
  • Unlimited premium branded tyre replacements including valve and balance.
  • Free mobile tyre fitting service - at a convenient location for you by appointment.
  • Tyres - no recharges for punctures or damaged tyres (dependent upon finance provider)
  • Free service booking management. One simple phone-call and the rest is arranged for you, or book online!
  • Free collection and delivery from your home or work address.
  • Free wash and vac.
  • Regular process updates on repairs.
  • Preferential booking times arranged, urgent repairs prioritised.
  • Courtesy car upon request.

What are the typical exclusions?

  • Repairs or replacements due to driver error or driver induced faults.
  • Repairs due to accident damage.
  • Missing or broken items e.g. bent aerials, missing hub caps.
  • Vandalised and stolen wheels and/or tyres.
  • Damaged windscreen and/or glass replacement.
  • Putting the wrong fuel in the vehicle.
  • Lubricant and fluid top ups between service intervals (e.g. oil and screenwash top ups)

As you can see a maintenance plan covers pretty much everything you need to worry about with your car. Not only that but it takes all of the hassle out of dealing with garages with a dedicated team on hand to deal with it all on your behalf.

You get fixed price maintenance so you can spread the cost of servicing over the lease term, no unexpected repair costs should something go wrong, you don't have to worry about rising inflation because the price is fixed for the lease term, and if you're leasing for business you could even claim all of the VAT back on your maintenance plan.

If you've already decided to take the hassle out of car ownership by leasing then you may as well do the job properly.

And take the hassle out of maintenance too.

For more on our maintenance packages, click here, or talk to one of our staff on 01299 407 360.

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