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Car Leasing Leeds

Leasing instead of buying cars has become a popular choice across the nation as people look for ways to reduce their regular outgoings, and when it comes to superb car lease deals in Leeds, Gateway2Lease has you covered.

With over 15 years of experience in helping people from all backgrounds find their ideal car, we pride ourselves on understanding our customer's individual needs and finding the perfect vehicle and the perfect lease deal for them. With our head office handily located in Worcestershire, we can deliver your dream car right to your doorstep.

car leasing broker in leeds

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Our Bestselling Leeds Car Leasing Deals

Leeds is one of the largest and busiest cities in the UK and serves as a major hub for education, business and culture. With a population who want their busy lives to be as hassle-free as possible, it is no surprise the most popular choices for car leasing in Leeds are compact city cars and hatchbacks. Topping the list of bestsellers are the following:

ford fiesta lease deals

Ford Fiesta

For the past forty years, the Ford Fiesta has been one of the most recognisable cars on British roads. It's great handling, compact size, fuel efficiency and reliability maintain its popularity as a great choice for navigating congested city streets.

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vauxhall corsa lease deals

Vauxhall Corsa

As the urban landscape developed, the market for small cars grew and the Vauxhall Corsa (known as the Opel Corsa in Europe) was introduced as direct competition to the Ford Fiesta. It shares many of the same great features as the Fiesta, such as superb handling, low costs and reliability, and we offer some excellent Corsa car lease deals in Leeds.

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volkswagen polo lease deals

Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen is well known for the reliability and efficiency of its models and VW owners are confident they can rely on their car to complete any journey without any fuss. Compact, nippy and safe, the Polo is a cost-effective car designed to last.

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land rover discovery sport lease deals

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Of course, not everyone is after a compact city car; some prefer performance, features, comfort and the feeling of security a robust, larger vehicle offers. Many urban dwellers also like to escape to the country or take weekend trips away and the Discovery Sport is an ideal vehicle choice. The other benefit is, as a mid-sized SUV, you can easily manoeuvre the busy city streets.

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At Gateway2Lease, we have a fantastic range of petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric cars, ideal for car leasing in Leeds including city cars, SUVs, hatchbacks and more. Browse our full range of models and check out our special offers to find a great car lease deal in Leeds today.

Our car leasing process

We like to keep our process for car leasing in Leeds straightforward, with no unnecessary red tape or over-the-top paperwork to worry about. This helps every customer discover the perfect car at a price that works for them. With our simple six-step leasing process, you are always in the driving seat.

 1. Pick your car

Browse our huge selection of saloons, estates, coupes, convertibles, hatchbacks, SUVs and compact city cars to discover your ideal model.

If you want to go green, you can filter your search to see all hybrid and electric cars available for car leasing deals in Leeds.

 2. Get a quote

Once you have chosen the ideal vehicle for your needs, Gateway2Lease will send a confirmed quotation and submit a credit proposal form to the finance company to perform the required checks.

 3. Sign your order form

Once approved, you will be required to complete and sign a vehicle order form confirming your vehicle details, any additional options and advising of approximate lead time.

The form will then be sent to the dealership for your stock vehicle or to the factory to commence your order.

 4. Check your documents

We will then send you your full finance documentation pack via email, containing all details regarding your payment schedule, full terms and conditions and a direct debit mandate. We will require all original documents to be signed and returned to us.

5. Get a delivery date

Our customer service team will contact you as soon as your vehicle is available to supply you with the registration number so you can arrange your insurance and advise of the expected delivery date.

 6. Enjoy your vehicle

Once the big day arrives, we will deliver your clean new car to your door and all that is left for you to do is sign your acceptance note and the keys are yours.

Gateway2Lease are always available to help with any questions you may have during the terms of your lease.

Don't hesitate to call us, contact us or visit our Worcestershire base.

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We Offer Business & Personal Car Leasing in Leeds

At Gateway2Lease, we help everyone take to the road with our excellent business and personal car leasing deals in Leeds. Both business and personal leases provide the opportunity to drive a new model with the latest safety, performance and technological features, but there are minor distinctions between the two.


Customers who lease a vehicle for their own personal use will take out a personal lease agreement which will typically mean they are the registered driver of the vehicle. A business lease deal caters for companies to obtain a vehicle for business purposes and will not be typically available for personal journeys.

Tax and Finance

Personal car lease deals in Leeds do not generally qualify for tax deductions and personal expenses are not considered for reclaim. In a business lease arrangement, companies can deduct the tax from their monthly lease payments and expenses incurred through commercial activity can be offset against their tax returns.

Annual Mileage Allowance

When a vehicle is leased for a business, it is typically expected to travel a greater number of annual miles than a personal car and so this is factored into the agreements, ensuring whether your car is for business or personal use, you are not paying for anything you don’t need.

Why choose Gateway2Lease?

With more than 15 years of experience in both commercial and personal car leasing in Leeds, Gateway2Lease is well known as the go-to company to get the good people of Yorkshire behind the wheel of a superb new car.

car leasing broker in leeds

We help everybody find their ideal vehicle and offer a range of lease deals to cater to all. Here are some more reasons we are the perfect choice for car leasing:

We have an excellent range of petrol, diesel, electric and hybrid vehicles from compact city cars to people carriers and everything in between.

Our special offers are constantly updated with new great deals to help spread your budget even further.

Our special offers are constantly updated with new great deals to help spread your budget even further.

We are a friendly family business with fantastic reviews and our customers keep coming back.

We deliver your new car direct to your door.