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Car Leasing London

The cost-of-living crisis has hit many people across the UK and in a city as expensive to live in as London, this is even more noticeable. With the monthly costs including rent, amenities and food skyrocketing, every penny counts. So, spending less on your car would be a welcome saving.

Car leasing in London is a great way to reduce your monthly outgoings and Gateway2Lease can help you discover the perfect vehicle, from SUVs to compact city cars, that offers safety, reliability and style without breaking the bank. With over 15 years of experience in offering competitive car leasing deals in London, a head office just up the road in Worcestershire, and UK nationwide delivery, Gateway2Lease are confident they have the ideal car for you.

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Popular Car Lease Deals London

As London is a metropolis, it is home to a diverse population with various needs from their vehicles. Whether they require a Chelsea Tank to shuttle the children to school or a nippy compact city car to navigate the busy streets, one of our car lease deals in London is bound to suit. Some popular choices of models in London include the following:

land rover discovery lease deals

The Land Rover Discovery

A seven-seater, ideal to deliver your offspring to school in safety, comfort and style.

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kia picanto lease deals

The Kia Picanto Hatch

A nippy and compact city car that will get you through the busy streets and is also available at an incredibly low monthly price.

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tesla model 3 saloon lease deals

The Tesla Model 3

A beautiful electric car that offers a superb blend of compactness and style. Electric vehicles cost less to run and can enter clean air zones (CAZ) for free.

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Browse our wide range of available cars to lease in London and check out our current fantastic deals.

Benefits of Car Leasing in London

By opting to lease your car in London instead of buying, you are opening the door to multiple benefits and savings. Cars on lease are typically new, meaning they tend to include the latest fuel-efficient systems, giving you more miles for your money and aren't prevented from entering any zones due to your emissions. Electric car lease deals in London will take this a step further by being exempt from the congestion charge and free to enter clean air zones allowing you to take any route you desire.

Our car leasing process

If this is the first time you have leased a car then you are probably unsure of the process, but not to worry as Gateway2lease makes the whole thing a breeze and our expert team are happy to help you with every step of your journey.

1. Select your car

Browse our superb range of vehicles, including hatchbacks, saloons, SUVs, estates, coupes, convertibles and people carriers and discover the car that suits your needs and grabs your eye.

Select the ideal contract for your monthly outgoings including your initial rental period and annual mileage. It is recommended to opt for an annual mileage slightly higher than your estimated usage to allow you a little wriggle room.

2. Get a quote

You will then receive your personalised written quotation from Gateway2Lease and, if you are happy with this, we will move to the next stage of the process where a credit proposal form will be provided to the finance company to perform a credit check on either you or your business.

 3. Sign your order form

Once approved, you will receive a vehicle order form to sign which will confirm all details of your vehicle, your options and the approximate lead time.

The signed form will be sent to the dealership to secure your order.

 4. Check your documents

You will then receive your financial pack via email which includes your payment schedule, direct debit mandate and full terms and conditions.

We send by email so you always have easy access to the documentation should you wish to reread anything at all.

5. Get a delivery date

As soon as your vehicle is ready, our customer service team will provide you with your vehicle registration number and offer a delivery date provided by the supplying dealership.

  6. Enjoy your vehicle

When the day of delivery arrives, the handover is another hassle-free process.

The vehicle will be delivered directly to your door by a professional representative who will be on hand to answer any questions. Maybe even a rundown of what all the features in your uber-modern automobile do. Once you are happy, a vehicle acceptance note requires signing and then it is on to the open road for you.

Navigating London's Congestion and Emission Zones

In 2003 the London Congestion Charging Scheme was introduced to tackle the high volume of moving vehicles in the city and the current daily charge is £15, which can soon mount up. However, there are various discounts available, including the cleaner vehicle discount for all battery electric cars, that can save you a lot of money.

Likewise, the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) was introduced to improve air quality by reducing the number of vehicles with high emissions. The daily charge for the ULEZ is £12.50, but if you drive a leased electric car in London, then your vehicle produces zero emissions, and you are exempt from the charge. With regular savings like this, it is clear why Londoners are all considering the environmentally conscious choice of an electric vehicle.

Tailoring Leasing Options to London Lifestyles

car leasing broker in london

Londoners are a diverse group with various work patterns, hobbies and interests which means a car lease in London is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but a bespoke and considered agreement based on your needs and current circumstances. As you would have gathered from the above, we highly recommend electric car lease deals for London as they allow you to avoid the additional costs of enforced zones and the daily running costs are significantly lower. But what about the weekends?

Perhaps you are a family that likes to visit the grandparents in Bourton-on-the-Water, or the moment Friday afternoon rolls around, you jump in your car with your friends, strap your surfboards to the roof and head for Newquay. Maybe you prefer to take it easy at the weekend leaving your car in the same spot from Friday to Monday, whatever your plans, we have you covered with vehicles to suit all needs.

What's more, with our London car lease deals, you can choose the length of your term, typically between two and five years, and when it comes to the expiry date, simply return it for another superb vehicle. Avoiding all the hassle that comes with tyre-kickers and low-ballers when selling second-hand.

Electric and Hybrid Leasing Choices

Many drivers are opting for electric and hybrid vehicles these days, as we all become more eco-conscious. Electric vehicles produce zero exhaust emissions, significantly reducing the number of pollutants like CO2 and NOx that impact climate change and air quality. Electric vehicles tend to be more efficient in converting stored energy to drive power meaning less is wasted through heat than in internal combustion engines (ICE) and as the grid becomes cleaner by incorporating more renewable energy sources, the environmental benefits of electric vehicles will increase. Electric vehicles are also quieter, offering less noise pollution to both humans and surrounding wildlife.

Though not as eco-friendly as electric cars, hybrid vehicles are also much better for the environment than traditional ICE cars and are known as a great stepping stone for people dipping their toes into the electric car market. The popularity of electric car lease deals in London is ever-increasing as people really notice the savings add up and combined with the constantly expanding charging infrastructure and benefits for the planet, they are soon becoming the car of choice for London.


Lease deals come in all shapes and sizes, and it is important to find the ideal agreement for you that considers factors such as regularity of use, purpose, location of use and particularly in London, congestion charge, ultra-low emission zones, parking availability and charging infrastructure. Get in touch with one of our friendly team to discuss your unique circumstances and let us help find the perfect car for you.

It is very important that you understand your lease agreement and in particular the annual mileage allowance. Though it may seem nearby as the crow flies, taking multiple side streets to get to your location can soon increase the mileage and this could affect your monthly payments. It is also worthwhile exploring parking options in the city as this may have a knock-on effect on the size of the vehicle you choose to lease.

At Gateway2Lease, we have made the process of leasing a vehicle incredibly straightforward. First, you select your desired vehicle from our superb range, and we will ensure your agreement covers the annual mileage you require and explain the lease terms and upfront costs. A simple credit check will follow and once that is approved, a vehicle order form will be signed, and delivery of your car will be arranged with you. Finally, you receive your fantastic new wheels and take to the road.

One of the bitterest pills to swallow is watching our beautiful cars rapidly depreciate, even more so if you buy a brand new one. The average year-one depreciation of a car is 40% of its value from the moment it leaves the dealership and becomes second-hand. This is where car leasing in London comes into its own. With a much-reduced upfront fee and lower monthly payments, the actual value of the car is not your concern. You also won't have to worry about the stress of trying to sell a second-hand vehicle, when it comes to the time and the constant low offers you must endure. Simply return the vehicle, select another great lease option and receive another high-quality car for the next few years.