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Citroen boosts e-C4 electric range

 Published 20th June 2023
Low Emission Vehicles 

Citroen has given its e-C4 and e-C4 X models a jump in driving range and performance with the addition of a new battery and electric motor.

Both models now get a 115kW (156hp) motor and 54kWh battery, up from 100kW and 50kWh before. This sees the Citroen models benefit from the same improved powertrain as was fitted to Stellantis Group stablemate, the Peugeot e-208, late last year.

The headline range figure has improved to 260 miles from 219 miles for the e-C4 and 222 for the e-C4 X. This is down to the increase in energy capacity, but also other improvements in efficiency.

The battery pack is physically smaller, and reduced in weight, and the standard fitment of a heat-pump improves efficiency too. The battery supports 100kW charging for reduced recharging times as well. UK models will start production in July 2023; pricing, specification and leasing rental details will be revealed shortly.

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