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Drive a Land Rover V8 and save the world 007 style

 Published 16th September 2021
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There's no time to waste! There's a criminal mastermind about to unleash Armageddon and only you can stop them! Not that you actually need to stop anything, don't worry. But if you're driving one of the limited-edition Land Rover Defender V8 Bond Editions it's a much more exciting thought than just popping out for milk.

Defenders are at the heart of the action in the latest Bond film, No Time To Die , which will be in cinemas at the end of September. There are also two Range Rover Sport SVRs, a Range Rover Classic and Land Rover Series III in the film. The Land Rover Defender V8 Bond Edition is an exclusive take inspired by the vehicles on screen and represents a unique celebration of Land Rover's 38-year association with the James Bond franchise.

Based on the recently launched Defender V8, the Bond Edition is powered by a 5.0-litre 525bhp supercharged petrol engine, which produces enough torque to jump start a small moon via its eight-speed automatic transmission. The Defender V8 can reach 60mph in just 4.9 seconds with a top speed of 149mph and delivers new levels of performance with expertly developed suspension and transmission tuning to create the fastest and most dynamic Defender yet.

And being a Land Rover Defender, it will obviously keep going long after the tarmac has disappeared in your rear-view mirror. Just not quite as fast.

Available in both Defender 90 and 110 guise, the specification of the stealthy Defender V8 Bond Edition is taken from the vehicles that appear on screen. It features an Extended Black Pack with 22-inch Gloss Black alloy wheels, signature Xenon Blue front brake callipers and a ‘Defender 007' rear badge.

Defender V8 Bond Editions

The exclusive touches extend to the practical interior, with illuminated ‘Defender 007' treadplates and a specially developed start-up animation for the intuitive Pivi Pro infotainment system touchscreen that honours Land Rover's long partnership with the James Bond franchise. At night you can entertain your friends with the unique ‘007' puddle lamp graphics. The Defender V8 Bond Edition's interior also features laser etched detailing that it is ‘one of 300' and the SV Bespoke logo.

And those of you with the observational skills of a secret agent may have just spotted the downside.

Land Rover is only producing 300, and the UK will receive just 15 of these Bond V8 Editions: five Defender 90 and 10 Defender 110 versions. Each vehicle is commissioned by the vehicle personalisation experts at SV Bespoke in the UK, which is a good thing. It's just a shame that getting your hands on one requires you to be one of 15 lucky people with a spare £105k lying around the house.

All of which makes this particular article totally irrelevant to pretty much the entire population of the UK. Or is it?

You may not be able to lease yourself one of the fancy Bond editions, but there's nothing to stop you leasing a regular V8 Defender , or any one of the other engine options available across the range. You won't get the puddle lights and fancy badges, but you'll still get a Land Rover Defender and that's what really counts.

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