MG4 drives away with yet another coveted title

 Published 9th December 2023
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History hasn’t always been kind to MG. After the collapse of British Leyland, the brand first fell into the hands of the Rover Group, then British Aerospace, then BMW, before a management buyout brought it under the umbrella of MG Rover – albeit briefly and not particularly successfully. After changing owners multiple times, the famous badge finally found its way into the hands of Chinese car giant, SAIC, and everything changed. MG is now one of the fastest growing car brands in the UK, a fact reinforced by the recent announcement that the MG4 EV has been voted Parkers Car of the Year 2024.

MG might have to start using reinforced paint to protect the MG4 from the rain of silverware it’s currently receiving.

In March it won the coveted main prize at the UK Car of the Year Awards 2023, and in August it landed the ‘Best Electric Family Car’ trophy at the What Car? Electric Car of the Year Awards. By our reckoning, the MG4 has walked away with more than a dozen titles over the last 12 months or so, and they still keep coming.

Now the MG4 EV has been crowned overall winner at the Parkers New Car Awards 2024 - while also picking up separate gongs in the ‘Best Small Family Car’ and ‘Best Value Car’ categories.

Parkers is one of the most well-established and highly respected car advice websites around so it’s fair to say the judges know what they’re talking about.

And according to the judges, the MG4 EV is quite possibly the perfect small family car. It’s got the practicality to carry four adults and their luggage in comfort and, if you opt for the top-spec Extended Range model, you’ll be able to take them more than 300 miles on a single charge. If you’re a bit of an EV fence-sitter, the MG4 could be the car that encourages you to make the switch.

The MG4 excels at being a family car but its biggest selling point is its value for money.

The cheapest version costs around £10,000 less than its closest rivals so leasing costs are surprisingly low. It also has lots to offer fans of the latest technology, too. It’s packed with clever equipment, pairs up with your phone and, with the right apps installed, it can take you straight to your nearest car charger when you need to top up the battery. You can’t even say it feels cheap either because the overall build quality is also excellent.

It also manages to be better to drive than its rivals. Thanks to its well-weighted steering, excellent brakes, and lively performance, the MG4 really is one of the most pleasing EVs to drive in the UK today.

Alan Taylor-Jones, New Cars Editor of Parkers, said: “Normally, we offer plenty of caveats when recommending MGs, but the MG4 is a genuinely excellent electric hatchback at a price that’s barely believable. It’s also great to drive, balancing handling and comfort expertly – and range and efficiency are both exactly where they need to be.”

The MG4 is a state of the electric family car and one that, for most households, could easily take the place of an existing combustion-engined car without requiring you to make any compromises. It has an impressive battery range, a great driving experience and is a supremely comfortable place to spend time.

In short, the MG4 EV is an outstanding car – you don’t win Parkers Car of The Year for nothing - and one you should seriously consider leasing for yourself.

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