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 Published 18th April 2017
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We think soft top cars are great and we are sure most people would agree. They look stylish, are perfect for long summer drives and are really something special to show off. If you have become accustomed to driving a soft top car and want to lease another, or if you want to treat yourself to something different, you've come to the right place. There's nothing like planning early for warmer days and sultry nights.

At Gateway2Lease we have an impressive range of soft top car leasing deals we are proud of. So, whether you need a soft top car that is suitable for your family or you want a sporty model to cruise around in we've got it covered.

Car Leasing for Soft Top Cars

There are tons of benefits to leasing a soft top car and with Gateway2Lease it couldn't be easier. For example, soft top cars are impressive to look at and are perfect for showing off. Plus, when the warm summer months hit there is nothing better than putting the top down and driving around enjoying the warm breeze. The looks of envy as you pass are quite satisfying too. If the idea of taking a drive to the coast or a country pub on a warm evening appeals then a soft top will get you there in style.

In terms of practicality, soft top cars are as good as standard vehicles which makes them ideal for families, couples or single users. As so many different makes and models offer a soft top version of their cars, you really can lease one that meets all your needs and gives you a very different perspective. Don't be cooped up like a chicken go free range and see driving as a very different experience with a soft top. Go on, you know you want to be gone with the wind this summer.

Popular Soft Top Models

Here is a selection of some of our most popular soft top cars.

Fiat 124 Spider

Fiat 124 Spider

Fiat has recently ventured into the soft top market and it's 124 Spider doesn't disappoint! It's got bags of curve appeal thanks to it's sporty looks and is also great value for money too. The Fiat 124 Spider will give you endless fun even on those longer journeys.

Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet

Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet

If you are in the market for a premium soft top, then look no further than the Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet. It's stylish, comes with plenty of standard equipment and has a luxury cabin. You are guaranteed to have a comfortable and fun drive in this soft top car.

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Smart ForTwo Cabrio

Smart ForTwo Cabrio

You can have fun in the city with the Smart ForTwo Cabrio, a great option for those who want a soft top suitable for city driving. With it's low running costs, it really does make city driving easy thanks to it's tiny dimensions and tight turning circle.

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BMW 2-Series Convertible

BMW 2-Series Convertible

The BMW 2-Series Convertible is a small, stylish soft top which offers great fuel economy, a decent interior and comes well equipped. It feels solid to drive and has plenty of grip on the road making it a good all-rounder whether used to drive locally or on a longer journey.

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Soft Top Car Leasing Deals with Gateway2Lease

You'd be forgiven for assuming soft top car leasing can be costly, luckily we are here to tell you this doesn't need to be the case. At Gateway2Lease we are dedicated to providing a competitively priced and high quality service to all our customers. So, if you are in need of a soft top car to lease or want to find out more we can help. Contact us today on 01299 407 360 or get in touch via our online contact form .

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