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Tesla price drops mean better business lease deals

 Published 1st February 2023
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Following significant price reductions for both the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y, leasing customers can now benefit from these keener showroom prices.

Price drops have been applied to all specification levels - Standard Range, Long Range, and Performance for both Model 3 and Model Y.

It means that Gateway2Lease customers can get into a new Tesla Model Y from under £375 + VAT per month, with vehicles in stock for both the 3 and the Y models.

The two best-selling electric cars in the UK last year, Tesla's saloon and crossover offer high levels of performance, even in the entry level rear-wheel drive specification.

A Model 3 Long Range sees a range of more than 370 miles on a charge available, and 0-60mph times are around three seconds.

“With a range of models in stock, those looking for a quick delivery can get a Tesla within the first quarter of 2023,” said Rob Marshall, Operations Director at Gateway2Lease. “Should customers want a customised configuration, factory order is possible, but delivery will be later in the year.”

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