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Tesla Model Y Leasing

Prior to the unveiling of Tesla's Model Y in 2019, its history can be traced back to the Roadster in 2008 followed by the Model X SUV in 2015 and the S Saloon in 2012.

All of these early models established Tesla as a pioneer in the electric vehicle market and earned significant attention and demand. The history of the Model Y is part of Tesla's broader mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy and their focus on electric vehicles and renewable energy has had a significant impact on the automotive industry by spurring competition and interest in electric mobility worldwide.

The Tesla Model Y is classified as an electric compact SUV, and it has a sleek, aerodynamic design with a high roofline and a slightly tapered rear end. Its body style could be described as a crossover, blending elements of a traditional SUV and a saloon. Being an all-electric vehicle, the Tesla Model Y doesn't have an engine as it is powered by an electric motor, and as a result, it has additional luggage capacity. The boot has a large luggage capacity, especially when the rear seats are folded down, but the front boot or trunk, known as a ‘frunk', provides extra storage for groceries or other items.

The Y Model is a suitable lease vehicle for a variety of individuals, couples or families who are passionate about electric vehicles and want to experience the cutting-edge technology and environmental benefits that this electric SUV offers. Individuals or families who want to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment as the car has zero emissions and home charging at off-peak times can save money on transportation, as electricity is cheaper than petrol and diesel vehicles. Gateway2Lease is happy to offer the Tesla Model Y for personal lease as well as offering business lease deals to enable your company and sales team to meet your green energy goals and save on road tax and clean air charges.

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Tesla Model Y (3 Variant)

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Tesla Model Y
 Electric   Stock  2023 Model Year
G2L 85 Score
Model Y Rear Wheel Drive

from £448.12 inc VAT p/m

 Electric  Automatic  5 Doors  0 g/km  £44,935

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Tesla Model Y
 Electric   Stock  2023 Model Year
G2L 87 Score
Model Y Dual Motor Long Range

from £518.68 inc VAT p/m

 Electric  Automatic  5 Doors  0 g/km  £52,935

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Tesla Model Y
 Electric   Stock  2023 Model Year
G2L 83 Score
Model Y Performance

from £614.80 inc VAT p/m

 Electric  Automatic  5 Doors  0 g/km  £59,935

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Why you should lease a Tesla Model Y

Leasing a Tesla Model Y in the UK suits a wide range of different individuals. Those who are tech enthusiasts will also find the Tesla Model Y's advanced features and technology appealing with its Autopilot system for semi-autonomous driving. Leasing a Tesla Model Y will enable those who may not have the available funds to purchase the vehicle outright to drive off in one of these desirable vehicles and access the cheaper running costs immediately. A lease deal on a Tesla Model Y will mean lower monthly costs and when the contract term finishes you will be able to trade it in for the latest model and enjoy the benefits of newer technologies. Leasing a Tesla Model Y generally means a new vehicle, which is generally covered by the warranty for the length of your lease, meaning complete peace of mind when it comes to maintenance or repairs. This also saves you from needing to find a specialised electrical technician to do the work.

Gateway2Lease is happy to offer some of the best lease deals for the Tesla Model Y in the UK, and our expert team are able to discuss your options to help you find the most competitive options on the market. The Tesla Model Y is similar in make and model to the Ford Mustang Mach-E, VW ID4, Audi Q4 E-Tron, Volvo XC40 Recharge and Nissan Ariya, and whilst these vehicles share some similarities, it is important to research and compare cars to ensure that you find the right vehicle for your preferences, needs and budget.

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Some of the most notable features of the Tesla Model Y are its impressive electric performance with quick acceleration and responsive handling – providing a quiet and smooth ride with instant torque and precise control. It also has a long electric range between charges, a spacious interior and versatile seating – including an optional third row seating configuration, enhanced safety features and technological features that allow for over-the-air updates to the software as well as autopilot features and full self-driving capabilities as an optional feature.

The Model Y can be a good first car depending on your specific needs, preferences and circumstances. It is a premium electric vehicle with a higher price tag than petrol or diesel vehicles, but leasing a Tesla Model Y is a way to get around the higher upfront cost. As an electric vehicle, the car requires access to charging infrastructure both at home, work or out and about, and range anxiety may be a concern if you frequently take long-distance trips without access to fast-charging options. If you value quick acceleration, cutting-edge technology and a futuristic driving experience, then the Tesla Model Y may be a good fit. Consider also if the size and functionality of an SUV align with your lifestyle and transportation requirements as well as the Tesla service network and support infrastructure in your location. Ultimately, you should research thoroughly and test drive to consider your unique circumstances when deciding whether the Tesla Model Y is the right first car for you.

The Tesla Model Y tends to have lower running costs compared to diesel and petrol powered vehicles for a variety of reasons. Electricity costs tend to be cheaper per mile than petrol on the whole, although this will depend on where you charge, a home charging station is likely to be cheaper than a tank of fuel. With fewer moving parts and no internal combustion engine, there is a lower requirement for maintenance with an all-electric car. The Model Y is designed to be energy-efficient by using regenerative braking and advanced battery management systems – all of which result in lower running costs. There are also tax incentives and other financial benefits to running an electric vehicle – such as avoiding clean air and congestion charges all of which help to offset the running costs.

There are a range of safety features included in the Tesla Model Y to enhance driver and passenger safety. Some of the Model Y's safety features include:

 Collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking
 Forward collision warning
 Blind-spot monitoring
 Adaptive cruise control
 Full self-driving capabilities
 Enhanced autopilot safety features
 Strong body structure

Yes, the Tesla Model Y is a good family car for many reasons. It has a spacious interior for up to five passengers with great head and legroom, its versatility and storage capacity allows for transporting of pushchairs, groceries, sports equipment and other items and the optional third row of seating expands the capacity of the Model Y for larger groups or families. The advanced safety features give extra safety and peace of mind that family members are protected from collisions. The lower operating costs and long electric range allows for family trips without frequent charging and the advanced technology and connectivity make long journeys more enjoyable by entertaining family members. The electric motor and zero emissions contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment for your family and future generations.